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What is Barcode?

A bar code is a collection of vertical bars with varying widths and alphanumeric characters in optical machine readable format. Barcode represents data through distinct parallel lines, spaces along with quiet zone also known as symbology. Barcode is easiest and hasty solution to display information in black-white or colorful bars and spaces on multitudinous products of distinctive sizes. Barcode are commonly categorized in linear or 1D (1 Dimensional) and 2D matrix code.

Barcode incorporates multiple width lines, spaces, symbols like dots, squares, circles and lots of others geometric patterns to create linear or 2D barcodes. Barcodes are most convenient and versatile approach for identification, tracking of items and price tagging of numerous goods belongs to miscellaneous industries such as manufacturing, transportation, retail outlets, warehouses, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, postal services, security services, entertainment and so many. Barcodes effortlessly generates with use of barcode generator software and precisely prints via usage of ordinary, thermal or barcode printers. Barcodes expediently prints on coupons, asset tags, ribbons, bands, ID cards and on other templates for swiftly scanning through barcode scanner.


Barcode Software

Barcode Software is most efficient and ideal program to create customized printable barcodes. Application offers easy to use, premium tool with user friendly interface to make constant or list of professional barcodes to print barcode coupons, tags, ribbons, bands and many more. Barcode Software appositely generates linear and 2D barcodes for numerous products of several distinctive small to large scale industries like warehouse, shipping, distribution, chemicals, airlines etc.

Key Features

  • Convenient in use with affable interface.
  • Generates bulk of multiple 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Creates list of sequential barcodes.
  • Import barcode values through excel and text file.
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Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer is automated peripheral device to appositely print quality rich barcodes appropriately in nominal time span. Software offers most efficient and hasty solution for printing of linear and 2 Dimensional barcodes in distinct layouts. Barcode Printer is easy to use through familiar design and quiet identical to ordinary printers. Tool is absolutely compatible to print number of barcodes on multiple templates including labels, tags, stickers, ribbons, coupons, bands, id cards etc. Barcode Printer is best device for error free printing of multitudinous standard or customized barcodes for numerous distinctive industries.

Barcode Printer

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is widely practiced advanced electronic device to read printed barcodes. Barcode Reader incorporates sensor, lens and light source for scanning of coded information of barcodes. Scanner expeditiously scans miscellaneous barcodes with use of sensors through detection of shining as well as reflectivity of light. Barcode Reader is ideal fixed or movable machine to appropriately scan varied barcodes printed in distinct formats such that coupons, labels, tags, stickers and lots of others on number of products by transforming optical impulses. Barcode Scanner offers effortless and swift utility to precisely scan multifarious barcodes.

Barcode Scanner
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