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How Digital QR Code Offers Interactive Experience

Our world has in fact evolved into a very modern one. Long before, we never had coding systems like the bar code. We only had pens and paper to work with, everything done manually. Then when bar code came into the picture, it has innovatively marked a drastic change to how everything is done. What’s more amazing is that these bar code too, progress in time. The bar code we know usually comes as monochrome tags having varying lines and digits which get scanned by a specialized reader. Now dealing Read more [...]

Discuss 2D Barcode Technology and Application in M-Commerce

Have you ever heard of QR Codes or quick response codes? Did you notice how they have suddenly invaded the publications, restaurants, movie houses and other enterprises? Nowadays, these curious black and white patterns seem to be everywhere as more establishments are using them to promote their business or to stimulate people’s curiosity in this gimmick. The QR Code is, arguably, the most popular type of the 2D bar code technology. But what is 2D bar code technology and how does it work?  A bar Read more [...]

Barcode Usage in Mobile Grocery Shopping

Everything seems to be possible these days, considering the mere fact that the modern technology easily adapts to its fast phase environment. The cell phones, iPads, iPhones, and all of the other gadgets and appliances seem to show progress and development each and every day. It is like, you should always keep an eye on all of the technological advancements occurring around you, or else you will definitely be left behind. This is actually how the cycle of our current technology happens. This is actually Read more [...]

Resurrection of QR Code with New Technology

Quick Response codes, is everyone familiar with? Sadly, a large number of people are still unaware of the existence of these particular codes. Many have said it has died before everyone could even get to know it. Perhaps this is true, but QR codes are now back to claim its rightful recognition. Although they really did not disappear, they just went through a couple of brinks that led them to stay in the dark for a while. In the modern society we live in nowadays; technology seems to develop more Read more [...]

Mobile Barcodes Work Efficiently with NFC Technology

The Quick response codes (QR codes) or more popularly known as mobile barcodes are now used frequently in business establishments, not only as a promotional gimmick but also because it is a convenient way of storing data. A lot of these mobile barcodes are incorporated with the so-called Near Field Communication or NFC Technology which allows the fast and hassle-free transfer of data from one mobile device to another and even with a simple touch. For instance, this technology is utilized by some Read more [...]

How do Barcode Ticket scanners work?

 To those who witnessed the days wherein sales clerks had to key in every product code of each item you’re going to purchase, remember how much time that consumed? How about the times you were forced to patiently wait in line just to purchase entrance tickets for a certain show or event? It’s very inefficient right?  But those days are long gone; we can only reminisce those days as we stand in awe right now because of the various developments made in the world of science and technology.  The Read more [...]

Digital Diary with Android Code

Have you ever tried to look around lately? Observed how much the world you walk in now lives in continuous modernization? Everywhere you look around, it’s impossible not to spot even a single person using either a tablet or a trendy Smartphone.  It’s not really a bad thing, they’re actually proofs that our world really is developing at such a fast pace. Too fast, that keeping up and tracking your own life seems hard. Deadlines, work, and schedules just get all mixed up putting you in a state Read more [...]

How Barcode Labels Work in Data Management

To books and clothes or cans and boxes, whatever consumer product it may be; you’ll see a black and white set of lines and numbers. I bet most of you are familiar with barcodes already but to those who aren’t, barcodes are used by most businesses for easier product classification.They are usually scanned through a reader which will then collect all product information. The readers or scanners are specially built to decode the distinct series of lines and numbers which serves as the key to acquiring Read more [...]

What does a QR code contain?

QR Code is a form of two dimensional barcode comprising of square box and black spots inside it with a white background. These most usable mobile barcodes have larger storage ability and quicker execution of information through special QR Code Scanners or Iphone applications. You can save many elements in QR Codes including: Text– QR codes can save content or data in following kinds: Numeric only includes a limit of 7089 characters (0-9). Alphanumeric is comprised of a maximum of 4296 Read more [...]