What does a QR code contain?

QR Code is a form of two dimensional barcode comprising of square box and black spots inside it with a white background. These most usable mobile barcodes have larger storage ability and quicker execution of information through special QR Code Scanners or Iphone applications.

You can save many elements in QR Codes including:

  1. Text– QR codes can save content or data in following kinds:
    • Numeric only includes a limit of 7089 characters (0-9).
    • Alphanumeric is comprised of a maximum of 4296 characters that contains digits ranging from 0-9, uppercase letters (A-Z) and special symbols like $, *, space,  %,  +, -, : , /, .
    • Binary or Byte involves an utmost of 2953 characters holding 23624 bits in 8-bit bytes.
    • Kanji or Kana consists of a greatest of 1817 characters.
  2. Hyperlinks – Barcodes conserve a number of hyperlinks to a personalized URL, videos, download a mobile program, edit Face Book status and many more.
  3. Videos – Just go for a link to YouTube video inserted in a QR Code.
  4. Phone Numbers – You can save contact numbers of your friends, relative numbers, official phone numbers etc.
  5. Product Information – Covers product name, price, quantity, weight, company name etc.
  6. Postal Details – Deals with mailing details for example sender address, destination location, weight of letters, postal stamps etc.
  7. Event Particulars – QR Code can store information about any new business event, organization meeting and much more.
  8. Google Maps Address – You can easily find any place through Google map contained in a QR Code.
  9. Link to PayPal – QR Code describes a link to PayPal so that you can purchase any product using QR Code scanning feature.
  10. Link to social media sites – Mobile barcodes is composed of compound inks to social networking sites for example Facebook, Twitter and others.